Tuesday, 1 November 2011

AIMM's Guestbook

We have a new guestbook! All your comments and suggestions are welcomed...
Temos um novo livro de visitas! Todos os comentários e sugestões são bem-vindos...


  1. Christy Harrington (USA)01/11/2011, 20:14

    As a recent volunteer, I wanted to express my experience that I had working with AIMM group. The AIMM organization is paving new territory with Portugal cetacean research. The coastline of the Algarve’s is incredible with sightings of common, bottlenose, rizzo dolphins and rarer sighings of harbor porpoise and minke whales. The captain’s on the whale watching vessels are extremely hospitable to the volunteers allowing you to catch rides when spots are open on the zodiacs. The captains have experience on proper ways to approach the dolphins as I couldn’t get over how close they came to the zodiacs, amazing! There were days where I would shuffle between boats @ sea in order to stay and take more photographs of the rizzo or bottlenose dolphins. The staff of AIMM give you a lot of opportunities to gain experience whether your taking photographs, collecting data or identifying and matching dorsal fin.
    During the summer months, the Algarve’s is packed with people, good nightlife, food and extremely nice people. In the fall, the Algarves recovers turning a bit mellower. One word of caution, don’t underestimate the area whether in the summer or fall as you always need to be careful with your belongings in any major tourist location.

  2. Ann Carole Vallejo (Canada/Colombia)07/11/2011, 20:11

    Dear all,

    I have the pleasure to share with all the readers my experience being a volunteer for AIMM. My name is Ann Carole; I’m Canadian, originally from Colombia and 100% lover of marine mammals.
    This was an amazing opportunity where I gained experience and many other skills necessary for the field of marine mammal conservation. I worked with whale watching platforms doing surveys on common and bottlenose dolphin behaviour as well as photo-ID which also gave me the opportunity to provide public awareness and education to whale watching companies. In addition, I assisted in ecological events (BIOBLITZ), where AIMM promote their knowledge and work to the public; it was very interesting and educational. This volunteer has also helped me achieve objectives both on my career and personal level. You will gain invaluable professional experience as well as have a great time with the people involved, associates, other peer volunteers and the warm welcome from the people of Algarve.
    I strongly recommend this great opportunity to anyone interested in this field.

    Ann Carole Vallejo

  3. Sara Galego ( Portugal)10/11/2011, 01:32

    O meu nome é Sara Galego, tenho 19 anos, estudo Biologia Marinha na Universidade do Algarve. Como qualquer outra jovem apaixonada pela área que escolheu, procuro aprender mais do que o próprio curso universitário tem para oferecer.
    Graças a um amigo, tomei conhecimento desta associação e de imediato fiquei fascinada com o trabalho ali desenvolvido. Passados uns meses, surgiu a oportunidade de fazer este voluntariado e assim começa a minha aventura do “meu querido mês de Agosto”.
    Iniciei o meu trabalho na AIMM no início do mês. Fui posta a par do que estava a ser desenvolvido e quais as funções que desempenharia durante a minha estadia no Algarve. Após estes 30 dias incríveis que passei entre Albufeira e Sagres, em que cada saída levava a uma nova descoberta, só me resta mesmo agradecer à AIMM a oportunidade excepcional que me deu, todo o conhecimento que me foi transmitido, assim como a experiência que ganhei e a amabilidade com que fui recebida.
    Aconselho a todos os que tenham disponibilidade para passarem por esta experiência. Foi sem dúvida um mês que vou guardar na memória, não só pelo que aprendi, mas também pelas excelentes pessoas com quem trabalhei: colegas que como eu estavam a fazer o voluntariado, mas também, como não poderia esquecer, as empresas marítimo-turísticas que sempre nos trataram de forma extraordinária. A todos eles, e à AIMM em especial, um MUITO OBRIGADO!

  4. Catarina Fonseca (Portugal)14/11/2011, 22:21

    Working with dolphins is my dream since I was a little girl, a dream that grew stronger when I had the opportunity to study wild dolphins.
    This year I was lucky enough to learn about the AIMM volunteering programme that included observation of the dolphins that inhabit the Albufeira and Sagres region in the South of Portugal. It was one of the best experiences of my life!
    Both in Sagres and Albufeira I’ve been treated like family and very comfortably installed, I’ve met new people with the same dream that became great friends and allies, friends with different dreams that made me grow up and see things from a different perspective and I got to know species I was longing to see!
    It’s the sum of all of these things that turned this in such an amazing experience but I must admit that the highlight is to go to the sea everyday hoping, see the dorsal fins far away and when you know it you have dolphins all around playing, hunting, helping their calves… It’s these moments of pure admiration and respect that make my passion grow stronger and stronger.
    All I can say now is: “Thank you so much AIMM for giving me this opportunity!”